Books | by IBC Reviews | 04.01.2020

Author: Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell has offered us his singular look at the people we surround ourselves with and the effect they have on ourselves.
The book lays insight into the careers of the gifted, emphasizing the major role that preparation plays, and overriding the assumption that innate talent is the primary key to success.
Gladwell spins a provoking take on all his subject matter, and I’m a fan.

From the book:

  • These are stories about people who were given a special opportunity to work really hard and seized it; and who happened to come of age at a time when the extraordinary effort was rewarded by the rest of society.
  • Then the world changed and he was ready. He didn’t triumph over adversity….instead, what started out as adversity ended up being an opportunity.
  • If they do not outsmart you they will outwork you, and if they can’t outwork you they will win through sheer intimidation.
  • Success is not a random act. It arises out of a predictable and powerful set of circumstances and opportunities.