Six Pixels of Separation

Books | by IBC Reviews | 04.26.2019

Six Pixels of Separation

Author: Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel states, “Everyone is connected. It’s time to connect your business to everyone.”
I suggest that it’s time for you to connect with Joel’s informed, mentoring, strategic direction.
The book flows; the style is clean, and, most importantly, the takeaways will leverage your influence immediately.
The new media is no longer nascent. It’s developed and it’s the prevailing power. Use it. Use it intelligently and obliquely or lose momentum…or worse.

A sampling of Mitch Joel’s connective acumen

  • It is fundamental reality that most successful business flourish because they are operating in a community that is flourishing. You can’t have a strong business without a strong community.
  • How you are positioning how people see you, and how you speak back to them is going to be the global validation for your growth.
  • Digital marketing is about being slow. Real tangible results take time. It takes time to build your content, find your voice, develop a community, and earn trust and respect.
  • How different would your business look if there were thousands of brand evangelists on line talking about you?
  • Tactics don’t win anything – strategy does.  You need to have an amazing website. Having the prettiest website is not a goal – having the most functional one, with great creative flair, is.
  • The challenge is to create a face based initiative that truly adds value and gets people’s attention. What expertise and knowledge do we have, and how can we best share this with our consumers?
  • Viral marketing is the force that takes hold when people pass around something that is very cool.