IBC Shell

Artificial Intelligence Transforms Beauty and Cosmetic Packaging

As Artificial Intelligence evolves, we are experiencing new and exciting developments with the technologies that are merging into the beauty and cosmetic categories.

A perfect example is this concept for cosmetics service, Mespoke. Designed by UK studio Seymourpowell, Mespoke intends to curate perfect product collections based upon Artificial Intelligence and user data. The model is a subscription service combining “big data”, i.e. climate change and style trends with consumers’ personal preferences — their schedule, diet and travel plans — providing custom tailored, highly focused skincare and beauty product collections.

This intelligent packaging concept will initiate via an app, automatically sending users a package of everything they require for the upcoming week.

This method of ‘product personalization’ is attempting to transform marketing and reach in the beauty category. IBC Shell is cementing our footprint in the arena; integrating our Smart communication tools into beauty packaging and on-product applications with the most respected names in the industry. To learn more about Smart communication merging with grassroots data and the compelling consumer experience it creates, visit https://ibcshell.com/nfc-packaging-technology/

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